Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can i add my server to the monitoring (list with free added servers)?
- Press Add server for free button in the main menu, read the rules and follow the steps.

How do i get Boost for my server (server boost)?
- Press Get Boost button in the main menu, and follow the steps. After checkout with paypal or card your server will be automatically added to the list.

How log it takes my server to be visible in the website and also in the masterservers list?
- As soon your payment is confirmed your server will appear in our website and also in our masterservers. You can check if it is visible when you go to the page Counter Strike 1.6 Servers or the page Counter Strike 2 Servers and use ctrl + f to search for your ip, or just open the internet tab in our CS 1.6 Client and search for your Ip Adress. Usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

Which payment methods are accepted?
- We accept payments with PayPal and Visa.
CS 1.6 boost with paypal CS 1.6 boost with card

How do i get top place in the boosted list?
- Your server will take top places in depence of the count of the days for which you renew it.

How can i purchase banner advertisment in
- First of all you need to login in your account. Then choose my account from the top menu and scroll down untill you see "My Ads" and the button below "Add Ads"
When you press this button you'll be automatically redirected to the page, where you can see price and conditions, and you can purchase banner ads.

If you have any issues during the process, you can use our Ticket system to contact our support.

TOP 10 Premium Boosted Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers

Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers
CS 1.6 servers -= CS.WESTCSTRIKE.RO # CLASSIC SERVERde_dust2
-= CS.WESTCSTRIKE.RO # CLASSIC SERVER | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/32
CS 1.6 servers
 | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania /
CS 1.6 servers REVIVE 亗 CS.DEMONS.RO 亗 ViP FREEcs_assault
REVIVE 亗 CS.DEMONS.RO 亗 ViP FREE | CS 1.6 List servers | France 20/32
CS 1.6 servers CS.CSDARK.RO --> Happy Family!JOIN US NOWde_dustyaztec
CS.CSDARK.RO --> Happy Family!JOIN US NOW | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 32/32
CS 1.6 servers ZmOldSchool.CsBlackD​evil.Com​ [Zombie Outstanding]zm_trakinax_tubo
ZmOldSchool.CsBlackD​evil.Com​ [Zombie Outstanding] | CS 1.6 List servers | France 3/32
CS 1.6 servers EMIRATES.KiNGS 亗 ||͇̿P͇̿U͇̿B͇̿L͇̿I͇̿C​͇̿|​ ✪de_dust2
EMIRATES.KiNGS 亗 ||͇̿P͇̿U͇̿B͇̿L͇̿I͇̿C​͇̿|​ ✪ | CS 1.6 List servers | France 30/32
CS 1.6 servers
 | CS 1.6 List servers | France /
CS 1.6 servers ZE.LeagueCS.Ro # Xtreme Zombie Escape (+18)ze_runners_drunks
ZE.LeagueCS.Ro # Xtreme Zombie Escape (+18) | CS 1.6 List servers | United Kingdom 13/32
CS 1.6 servers Techline Gaming Server ® / [CLASSIC-1000FPS]❤️️​de_dust2
Techline Gaming Server ® / [CLASSIC-1000FPS]❤️️​ | CS 1.6 List servers | Germany 16/32
CS 1.6 servers Jack Daniel's #Publicde_dust2
Jack Daniel's #Public | CS 1.6 List servers | United Kingdom 2/32

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