To everyone who is a member, please fill all of your personal information such as: Avatar, Socials, Information. Claim your servers, because there is a new feature in our website. Await soon public list of all server owners, where they can be rated. Thank you, Best regards

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Adding server is forbidden if:
  1. 1. the server use reconnect to another server/s
  2. 2. the server changes the game interface for the end user known as "slowhacking")
  3. 3. the server use name of popular community or game server, but is not part of them
  4. 4. the server is already added from another user

If you brake the rules your ip adress will be banned permanently and your servers will be deleted without warning!!!

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CS 1.6 Monitoring is like free boost, add your server for free to get more players.

Server communities ranked by votes

Votes: 36

Votes: 21
Owner: NoLagCS

Votes: 12
Ma3x info
Owner: Bo7maN

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