CSBOOST.EU is very simple website for Counter Strike 1.6 boost and monitoring, which means you can add your server/s for free or paid (V.I.P) in our website with just few mouse clicks.

Our main purpose is to help Counter Strike 1.6 community to stay together and to increase the avarage count of players. We use all posible ways for advertisment which includes: Google, Facebook, Counter Strike Forums, Torrents, Trackers etc. and our main target is Counter Strike 1.6 and that is why we offer boost only for this game. Most of the players in our mastersrver are from Romania, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria etc.

*We actively searching partners to cooperate and development.
*We actively looking for a ways to promote our Counter Strike 1.6 client.
*We can promote your servers in our masterserver.
*We can promote your website or project in CSBOOST.EU and to our partners as well.
*If you own game servers, facebook page, web site for tracking or monitoring, or just Counter Strike 1.6 community which plays actively and you wish to be our partner,
please write us an email with your proposal.