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Any game have a individual style and gameplay, but after Half Life first realise in 1998 everyithing changed.

Half-Life was followed by many other modifications, like the popular Counter-Strike, which later became a corporation using Add-Ons ...

Date added: 02.08.24

The owner of the unique skin for AK47 Case Hardended #661 with wear level Factory New, claims that he recived offer from 1 million dollars.

He share for this amazing proposal with post in X. The gamer says too, that he's ready to sell ...

Date added: 01.28.24

Here you will be able to find the best Counter-Strike 1.6 [Mods] [Plugins] [Tutorials] [Servers]. You can also find varies of [HTML Templates / PHP Websites].
Visit our free store page where you will find the be ...

Date added: 01.27.24

Mirage is the most played map in Counter Strike 2 since the game was announced.
Mirage takes the first place with 27.12% followed by Inferno with 21.44% and the third place is for Overpass with 15.50%
The full list with maps sorted by ...

Date added: 01.20.24

Smoke grenades in Counter Strike 2 are now updated and they will react of light, shooting and other grenades.
The bullets and the explosive grenades will be able now to blow the smoke for a short time and make your enemies visible for a while ...

Date added: 01.19.24

Introduction: The Game Server Website Challenge
In the dynamic world of online gaming, creating and managing a game server website can be a daunting task. It requires a platform that not only understands the unique needs of a gaming communit ...

Date added: 01.19.24

Rechecker is metamod plugin for Counter Strike 1.6 which automatically detect and punish cheaters.
Most gamehost providers usually install it on the platform, when you purchase gameserver, but is disabled because it needs to be setted u ...

Date added: 01.14.24

The choose of the right hosting company for gameserver is really important, as those type of service demands specific resources and optimizations for providing of smooth and stable gaming expirience. Specifications, Latency, Security and Technical ...

Date added: 01.13.24

When you launch your Counter Strike 1.6 and your servers list in the internet tab don't appear in most cases the problem is in the masterserver file.
The Counter-Strike 1.6 Master Server is a special server which CS 1.6 game client on your c ...

Date added: 01.12.24

DDoS protection for your Counter-Strike 1.6 server demands carefully planing and making important steps for your security. The server latency is the key for good game expirience, which can be affected by the DDoS. Here are some tips which can prev ...

Date added: 01.11.24

Fatall-Error Counter Strike 1.6 Servers is now almost 10 years online and it still goes well.

Fatall-Error Servers are created in the beginning of the 2014 and this is one of the oldest Counter Strike 1.6 community in Bulgaria since the dorn ...

Date added: 01.10.24

Counter Strike 1.6 continues having an active community of players, although the game is older and less popular than the newer versions of Counter Strike like CS:GO ( Counter Strike: Global Offensive). 

Many fans of CS 1.6 stay true to ...

Date added: 12.31.23

Attracting and keeping players online is a long process which includes properly advertisments, server management and a stable build of the platform.

Server advertisment/server boost is the most popular way to promote your game server, with a ...

Date added: 12.25.23

The wide contribution of Counter Strike servers host by Russians or within Russia can be attributed by several factors:

The passion community of people who want to play. Russia has a large and passionate gaming community, many players enjoy ...

Date added: 12.18.23

Counter Strike’s popularity in Romania as in many other countries can be attributed by several factors:

History of the game: Romania has a strong gaming culture and Counter Strike got popular during the late 90s and early 2000s aligning wi ...

Date added: 12.18.23

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TOP 20 Boosted CS 1.6 servers

Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers
CS 1.6 servers -= CS.WESTCSTRIKE.RO # CLASSIC SERVERde_dust2
-= CS.WESTCSTRIKE.RO # CLASSIC SERVER | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers BRABUS-GAMING|~Publi​C​ #FreePalestinede_dust2_2x2
BRABUS-GAMING|~Publi​C​ #FreePalestine | CS 1.6 List servers | France 7/32 / de_dust2_2x2
CS 1.6 servers Counter-Strike 2de_dust2
Counter-Strike 2 | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 2/24 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers ZE.LeagueCS.Ro # Xtreme Zombie Escape (+18)ze_jurassicpark4
ZE.LeagueCS.Ro # Xtreme Zombie Escape (+18) | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 23/32 / ze_jurassicpark4
CS 1.6 servers CS.DEMONS.RO 亗 ViP FREEde_dust2
CS.DEMONS.RO 亗 ViP FREE | CS 1.6 List servers | France 29/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers Jack Daniel's #Publicde_dust2
Jack Daniel's #Public | CS 1.6 List servers | United Kingdom 16/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers
 | CS 1.6 List servers | France / /
CS 1.6 servers CS.CSDARK.RO --> Happy Family!JOIN US NOWde_dust2
CS.CSDARK.RO --> Happy Family!JOIN US NOW | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 32/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers RS.CSPOWER.RO #Respawn for funfy_snow
RS.CSPOWER.RO #Respawn for fun | CS 1.6 List servers | United Kingdom 0/32 / fy_snow
FURIEN.CSPOWER.RO # [NEW UPDATE | FREE BENEFITS | JOIN US | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 9/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers [TGS] Knife Arena ®️ - 24/7 [Duels/Shop & More] 35hp_2
[TGS] Knife Arena ®️ - 24/7 [Duels/Shop & More]  | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/32 / 35hp_2
CS 1.6 servers ✪ D Y N A M I C - [RESPAWN]+18 ✪de_dust2
✪ D Y N A M I C - [RESPAWN]+18 ✪ | CS 1.6 List servers | Bulgaria 18/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers | PUBde_dust2_2x2_b | PUB | CS 1.6 List servers | Czechia 9/16 / de_dust2_2x2_b
CS 1.6 servers RESPAWN.CSDARK.ROde_dust2
RESPAWN.CSDARK.RO | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 22/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers [D2 P͇̿U͇̿B͇̿L͇̿I͇̿C͇̿] ONESTRIKE.EU # SKINS|FreeVIP ★de_dust2
[D2 P͇̿U͇̿B͇̿L͇̿I͇̿C͇̿] ONESTRIKE.EU # SKINS|FreeVIP ★ | CS 1.6 List servers | Bulgaria 12/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers [CLASSIC] #QAPTAIN SCHOOL.ROas_oilrig
[CLASSIC] #QAPTAIN SCHOOL.RO | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 0/32 / as_oilrig
CS 1.6 servers --> RS.GLOBALELITE.RO - FREE VIP | Shop | Knife <--de_dust2
--> RS.GLOBALELITE.RO - FREE VIP | Shop | Knife <-- | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 0/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers CsLunatiCS.ROde_dust2
CsLunatiCS.RO | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/24 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers PlayGround-CS [ Respawn on D2 Only ]de_dust2
PlayGround-CS [ Respawn on D2 Only ] | CS 1.6 List servers | Bulgaria 15/32 / de_dust2
CS 1.6 servers KILL.LALEAGANE.RO [VIP]#BackInBusiness​de_avangard
KILL.LALEAGANE.RO [VIP]#BackInBusiness​ | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 0/32 / de_avangard
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