Download CS (Counter - Strike) 1.6 Client free

download cs 1.6 free

100% clean Steam Rip version in format "Read only"
Compatible with sXe Injected anticheat
Gamplay mode - Internet, LAN
Removed slowhacking and any other ads. With this version game servers can not change your personal settings and menus.
Full protection from slowhacking.
Adjusted client rates for optimal gameplay

Download Counter Strike 1.6 .rar
Download Counter Strike 1.6 .zip
Downloads: 2706
Download the ".rar" file above, create folder in the directory you want,
move the downloaded file there,
and just extract it using WINRAR.
Then find the application Counter-Strike 1.6.exe and send it to the desktop as a shortcut
Download Counter Strike 1.6 .exe
Downloads: 1567
Download the ".exe" file above and run it, choose directory for the installation
and check that you want a shortcut to your desktop
Your firewall might recognize it as a threat, because it's a new builded version, but still copy of the original version,
but you can trust our client 100%
Download Masterserver.rar
Downloads: 109
Download "Masterserver.rar" and extract it in your game directory.
The Counter-Strike 1.6 Master Server is a special server which CS 1.6 game client on your computer accesses when you open the server search tab in the game and loads a list of CS 1.6 servers from it's database (a list of IP addresses and ports) so you can select a server from the list and play.
When you install the game Counter-Strike 1.6 on your computer, in your client in the settings (in a file Csrike/platform/MasterServers.vdf) the address of the master server is already registered, so you get a list of game servers.
This is a stable assembled server without viruses. After installing the game in the "Internet" tab, you will have access to the top servers from our monitoring in any game mod.

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Name: Stelkata | Изтеглих и инсталирах ехе файла и играта изглежда супер, препоръчвам с 2 ръце
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