Unveiling the CS2 Community Server - NOLAG-CS : Where Gaming Excellence Meets Comradeship

Unveiling the CS2 Community Server - NOLAG-CS : Where Gaming Excellence Meets Comradeship


In the vast realm of online gaming, community servers play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm among players. Among these, NOLAG-CS stands out as a beacon of gaming excellence and comradeship, mostly in the Bulgarian community. Let's delve into the unique features and vibrant community that make this server a standout choice for Counter-Strike enthusiasts.


NOLAG-CS is more than just a server; it's an immersive experience for Counter-Strike 2. The server is meticulously crafted to provide a balanced and exhilarating gameplay environment, ensuring that players of all skill levels can find their niche.


One of the defining features of NOLAG-CS is its commitment to maintaining a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. We, the server hosts, host a variety of fun activities such as: Giveaways, Tournaments, Challenges, Different Game Modes that add a unique twist to the traditional gameplay, Rich Map Pool and many more!


The NOLAG-CS community excels in the aspect of having a rich, wholesome and loyal community, and since the community is the heart of the server, we regularly schedule events, tournaments and competitions amongst all players of all skill level. This creates a sense of excitement and friendly competition among players whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer. These events provide opportunities to showcase your skills, earn rewards and forge lasting connections with fellow gamers.


The strength of the NOLAG-CS community lies in its active and supportive player base. From experienced players offering tips to newcomers to lively discussions on strategies and game updates, the server fosters an environment where everyone feels welcome. The server's Discord channels serve as hubs for communication, allowing players to connect, share experiences, and coordinate for in-game activities.

Another good thing about the server is that the server has a rich Discord server which is filled with useful information of any kind. Updates and maintenances about the game and server itself. Free to chat channels, kind discord users and the most important thing, the server's rules and policy. You can also seek help from the admins in the Discord server. It's not mandatory to join the Discord server, but it won't do you any harm, it will only help you!


Let's talk about how the server was made and the history behind every wholesome thing the server has experienced!


Everything started way back in the summer of 2021. The server owner, DMH, wanted to start a project since he was already part of a similar area. Firstly he was part of a GTA V project called NOLAG RP (Roleplay) . He got famous from it and got a lot of viewers and fans which supported him through the pandemic. One day he decided to thinк about something different, something which is different from the genre of roleplay.


He thought about making something small as start, but he couldn't figure it on his own. With the help of others, he figured he will be making a dedicated server in CS:GO. He gathered people experienced in this area and started working on his small project. If he only knew what would become of it. He started it as a small thing where he and many more players could relax for a bit and enjoy some good old CS:GO.


In the beginning it was not that popular. The server didn't have many players but with the help of some famous Bulgarian streamers, the server grew in popularity, mostly when the streamers themselves were playing in it. DMH started thinking about advertisement and growing in players base.


He started working on it instantly and he got good at it. Some time passes and he learned that this thing could be something bigger, because the server's rate got so up high and grew every day, little by little. On 25th of December 2021 he officially launched the project and NOLAG-CS opened up for the first time.


From this day on, the server didn't stop growing. He started promoting his server everywhere he could. Websites, forums, social media, streamers, other discord servers etc. It took 2 to 3 whole months of constant work to make this thing work. Then, he started working on a separate discord server, excluded from the roleplay community. It's main purpose was useful information, news and chatting between players.


After that he decided that the server needs administrators. He hired some of the best players he could find at this time. More players came afterwards because the server was so well made. The players came to search for something more than just a server...


DMH opened up even more servers because the players were too many to handle on a single server. NOLAG-CS had 4 servers: 64 ticks server, 128 ticks server, Jailbreak server and 1v1 Arena server. The 64 and 128 tick servers popped off, they were always full. From dusk till dawn. The Arena wasn't as successful as the Jailbreak but both of the servers did well, especially Jailbreak.


After opening more servers, NOLAG-CS started creating events for the players. The players enjoyed the tournaments the most. They were mainly hosted on Face It, with commentators, with admins, real-time live broadcast, with everything. It was as it was a professional scene.


With this, the server had a lot of content to upload. That's another way to gain popularity. After all of this events and activities, the server gained so much popularity, it was always on top 3 in Bulgaria. The discord server already had 1000 to 1200 active users.


The staff changed so many times. New admins coming, some old admins returning to the administration, some of the old ones got tired and lost motivation, so they retired but still support the server in some way. It was a colorful staff full of kind, interesting and welcoming people.

After some time, CS2 was announced. It was around the spring of 2023. The staff started looking for leaks and features of the new version of the game. Summer came up and CS2 officially launched. NOLAG-CS was offline because of this reason... but only for a short period of time. It took only day and half to transfer NOLAG-CS from CS:GO to CS2. NOLAG-CS was the first Bulgarian CS2 Community server! At the beginning, the server basically had nothing. No plugins, no modes, nothing...


It had a lot of bugs and problems. With the help of time, they found a way pass through the gaps which the game had. Started working on plugins, fun features; a lot of stuff in general. The players couldn't wait to see the server online again. After working for some time on the server, the players hopped on like usual. They didn't like it as much as CS:GO.


After some fixes and updates, the game got more stable and free to explore and use. The server got some new interesting and fun features and the players liked it a lot! One day though, the server received some news. DMH found out that the server got SO popular, it was in the top 10 chart in whole Europe!


Because of that, the server hosted a lot of event for the players to participate in. The server got some deals from companies which are interested in CS2. After some contracts, DMH started thinking about increasing the financial growth of the server.


All of the money the server earns from the players goes into making more content and events, the non-stop working staff members and giveaways.


After opening the server in CS2, they constantly work on improving the player's experience. They ask them about their opinion on certain stuff and how they would react if they make some changes.


The admins are more than happy to see the server growing... so let's see some words from their perspective!


"I have been a player in NOLAG-CS for over a year, and I dare to claim that this is the best server in Bulgaria and ever, where I have played. I am also an admin on the server. From the very beginning, when I entered the server and understood that this would be a very well-maintained server overall. When I became an administrator, I realized that I was not wrong and that the team is fantastic. They will always help people who have problems and provide an adequate solution to the problem. I have met many people who are awesome and kind. As admins, we always strive to help people with all game and server-related issues. Whenever we have doubts about a player, we conduct checks and make appropriate decisions, both for bans and for all other matters related to the server."

- says Aval0n, one the OG admins.


"From the very beginning of my journey in the NOLAG-CS server, it has been a wonderful experience throughout all this time! I became an admin right from the creation of NOLAG. The boss (DMH) had announced open positions for admins and was looking for those familiar with the system. I was somewhat there, not 100%, as we all learn with each passing day. After becoming a Test Admin, I played for a while and proved with effort that I could handle something more. I became a Server Admin. After a long time of playing games, dealing with nerve-wracking situations, and other craziness, and with a lot of help from the team (especially the higher-ups), I eventually became the Head Admin, which I still take pride in to this day! NOLAG-CS is now a BIG family. Everyone is very cool, we always help each other, we don't let each other down, as it should be. Grandma Yana is a bit wild, but we've gotten used to her, nothing personal.  What else can I say, we continue to evolve, personally, I want to keep evolving, although I've been absent and haven't been very active in the last few days. Now, I want and have the motivation to keep growing forward!"

- says 23, the only Head Admin the server has

"The server has long surpassed my expectations. I quickly grew attached to it. It managed to make me feel good and gave me the opportunity to have fun in my free time. I built many friendships, met a lot of well-intentioned and fun people. My interest as a player and admin comes from my desire to create a place where players not only play but also feel like a part of something bigger."

- says Denkata, one of the most recent Server Admins


"I love NOLAG-CS! I love everything about it! The game the server's based on, the staff, the players, the fun moments, the every-day problems, all the hard work of the admins and devs (developers) , the many different ways you can work and help, the never-ending updates... Everything, just everything. It became one of my two hobbies and I got addicted to it. I never stopped working on the server and I don't think to stop any time soon. I've been an admin for almost an year now and I've managed to get to highest possible rank right after the Owner role. I managed to create deep bonds with people that I enjoy spending time with. I'm proud of myself and I'm looking forward to make not only myself proud, but the players and the other admins proud as well. When I'm in the server I feel like I'm in the right place, like my second home."

- says zeeLu, one of the few Managers


"My personal opinion about the server and the NOLAG-CS network is nothing but positive. I started as a player, coming from another network that was a long-time competitor, but things stagnated there, and I decided to join the guys at NOLAG-CS, who welcomed me with open arms. I was worried I might get banned, as we had a few disagreements in the past, which I'm glad we managed to smooth out. I was a player for about 2-3 weeks before becoming part of the team, and I am extremely grateful for that. The guys are constantly improving, regularly adding new features to the server, which attracts more players, and it's no coincidence that the server is full every night. The staff team is very cool and fun; everyone gets along very well, and there are no issues with anyone. As I mentioned before, the server is more than perfect, and there will be even more changes to it. I can't say a bad word about NOLAG-CS, the players & the staff team in it. I would recommend this network to new players, and I'm sure they won't be disappointed, especially when Sourcemod comes out - things will be further improved, and many new features and extras will be added. In short - TOP NETWORK!"

- says Arrow, one of the newest additions to the team

"I wanted to try something new, to be honest. I never expected that I would ever be part of the team or at least that I would stay here for so long. I really liked the people and the team, and I hope one day to meet these people in person, maybe have a drink for the health of the server and the people inside. I sincerely hope that one day, perhaps, I'll hold a larger position in the team, but everything in its own time. I believe there is still much to prove. I can't see the future, but I can say that I expect us to be even stronger together. I also expect more servers, not just the one we play on. I've always believed that we will be among the best servers in Bulgaria and hopefully even in the Balkans. I hope we continue to rise with time, to be a better place for everyone like me, as well as for the other players, good atmosphere, and good gaming conditions."

- says awaq, one of the most hardworking Server Admins in the team


Now here are some examples of our work, edits and cool moments:

@nolagcsgo Welcome to NOLAGCS! #nolagcs ♬ original sound - nolagcsgo - NOLAGCS

@nolagcsgo funny moments pt. 2 #cs #nolagcs #csgo #csgomoments #funnymoments ♬ original sound - NOLAGCS

@nolagcsgo Killing spree! ? #csgomoments #csgo #nolagcs #cs ♬ original sound - NOLAGCS

@nolagcsgo Играчите са ни просто different breed ?‍♂️ #csgomoments #csgo #nolagcs #cs ♬ original sound - NOLAGCS


?? Който ни пише в дискорд и познае името на филма, от който използваме аудиото, има шанс да спечели безплатен VIP! Очакваме Ви! #cs #csgo #nolagcs

♬ original sound - NOLAGCS
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