Fatall-Error Servers 10 years online

Fatall-Error Counter Strike 1.6 Servers is now almost 10 years online and it still goes well.

Fatall-Error Servers are created in the beginning of the 2014 and this is one of the oldest Counter Strike 1.6 community in Bulgaria since the dorn of the Counter Strike 1.6 Servers, and is still one of the greatest place to play some CS.

Trough all these years they had a lot of servers in different game modes like DD2, Respawn, Zombie Crysis, AWP  etc. with their own website which is entirely connected with the servers.

In our days they still have two Counter Strike 1.6 Servers, one of them is the popular Dust 2 Only and the other one is Respawn with rank system, and they have brand new design of the website, where you can purchase VIP or you can advertise your own community.

In addition of this, they have online shop for Counter Strike products (shop.fatall-error.info) and that is the only one of this kind in Bulgaria, where you can find many products for the different versions of the game or you can place your ingame name over the t-shirts

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-= CS.WESTCSTRIKE.RO # CLASSIC SERVER | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/32 / de_dust2
CSGO.EXTREMEGAMING.R​O​ - [CASINO # MUSIC KITS # QUESTS # CHARACTERS] | CS 1.6 List servers | France 15/32 / css_inferno2x2
[HMA-MantapBosku] Classicfy_snow
[HMA-MantapBosku] Classic | CS 1.6 List servers | Singapore 9/32 / fy_snow
-=RESPAWN.EXTAZIUS.R​O​ # SINCE 2024=-de_cbble
-=RESPAWN.EXTAZIUS.R​O​ # SINCE 2024=- | CS 1.6 List servers | Romania 2/32 / de_cbble
ip-net | CS 1.6 List servers | France 0/32 / de_dust
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